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Smokeless Indoor Stove Top BBQ Grill

Smokeless Indoor Stove Top BBQ Grill
Smokeless Indoor Stove Top BBQ Grill Smokeless Indoor Stove Top BBQ Grill Smokeless Indoor Stove Top BBQ Grill
Categorie: Garden & Outdoor
Product Code: BBQ-03
Availability: In Stock
Price: £39.99
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Smokeless Indoor Stove Top BBQ Grill
This steel stove top is the ultimate indoor grill.
Discover a fast, convenient and healthy way to cook your favourite foods and bring the great taste of outdoor grilled food indoors with this unique kitchen accessory. Convert almost any hob in seconds, and start enjoying savoury bbq flavours without going outside.
It can be used on both gas and electric ranges.
The heavy duty grill plate cooks food to a golden brown with perfectly even heat for low fat or no fat cooking.
Fill the steel drip pan with water, or your favourite marinade to add flavour and moisture to your food.
The steam and flavours will penetrate your food leaving it moist, juicy and delicious.
Whats even better is that the specially designed grill allows all of the excess fat to drip down into the drip pan for later removal.
Cleanup is a breeze thanks to the non stick surface and dishwasher safe pieces.
The drip pan is equipped with a unique flavour ring for infusing flavour into your food.
It can be filled with half a cup of water, juice, wine, beer or any marinade.
The unique design of this grill allows the excess fat to drip down and eliminates smoke and splatter, while simultaneously steam flavouring your foods for moist, juicy and flavourful results.
The liquid ring also prevents your food from drying out, and makes clean up easier since grease and fat won't get cooked on.
Reduce fat and cholestrol in foods while sealing in flavour and juices.
This is a healthy and flavourfil alternative to pan frying or broiling.
Your food will taste better than ever as the flavour is steamed into it.
This versatile grill can be used on almost any stovetop. Use it on gas or electric hobs
Water-Filled Outer Ring Catches Fat & Juices During Cooking
No Smoke or Splattering
High-Quality Non-Stick Surface Ensures Easy Cleanup
Measures 13inch (Approx)
Material: Carbon Steel

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